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510 Melville Ave
Tampa FL 33606

EMF Radiation Inspection 02/26/2024

1:45 pm 

See videos and or images below  for verification of results.

Florida EMF Testing LLC recently conducted an extensive Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation assessment at 510 Melville Ave in Tampa, FL 33606, in response to concerns raised by the property owners regarding potential EMF exposure. The primary concern stemmed from the proximity of a power station located behind the property.


We are pleased to report that all EMF readings obtained during the assessment were well below the exposure limits of 40V/M as mandated by regulatory standards. Our measurements indicate that the EMF levels at 510 Melville Ave are within safe parameters, providing assurance to the property owners and potential buyers alike.


Despite the presence of a power station nearby, our assessment reveals no significant cause for concern regarding EMF radiation. The readings obtained indicate minimal EMF emissions, posing no known health risks to occupants of the building or surrounding area. It is important to note that our assessment was conducted using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.


Based on our findings, we conclude that there is no reason for alarm regarding EMF radiation at 510 Melville Ave. The property remains safe for occupancy and does not present any known health hazards related to EMF exposure. We recommend sharing these findings with potential buyers to alleviate any concerns they may have regarding EMF radiation and the Power Station. Should further assistance or clarification be required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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