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Harnessing the Power of EMF Testing

At EMF Testing, we believe that your home and business should be a safe haven, free from harmful radiation and EMF waves. Our expert team provides comprehensive EMF and radiation testing services for homeowners, schools and businesses throughout Florida. We understand how important it is to protect your family and employees, and we are committed to providing the highest quality services to ensure your peace of mind.


Our Process

At EMF Testing, we make it easy for you to protect your home and business from harmful EMF and radiation waves. Our process is simple and hassle-free, so you can enjoy a safe and healthy living environment. From preconstruction design to the finishing touches, we are here to provide the support and guidance you need.


Pre-inspection evaluation

Our EMF Testing team will check the surrounding area for any potential sources of EMF and or Radiation that stand out like Cell Phone Towers, Power Cables, 5G Antennas and any other similar hazards. 


Onsite EMF Inspection

Once onsite, we'll begin measuring and taking readings throughout the interior and exterior of the home or property, We'll record them and bring them back to our office and email you a report.

Post Inspection EMF Report

Once we have collected readings from your property, we create and email you a report that you can keep or present to potential home sellers, landlords etc. in case there are any reading that are concerning.

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Commercial and Residential

Our EMF Testing Services in Florida are for anyone who has a concern that they may be exposed to high levels of EMF Radiation. Whether you're concerned about your place of employment or home, we have your back.


Our Quality Guarantee

At EMF Testing, we are committed to providing the highest quality services and ensuring your satisfaction. We use state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our team of experts is dedicated to your safety and well-being, and we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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