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Southern Equipment Corp

Water Tower/Chiller - Radiation Inspection 11-14-2023

2:30 pm 

See videos and or images for verification of results.

Southern Equipment Corp recently underwent an independent third-party radiation inspection for a decommissioned water tower/chiller system, encompassing a comprehensive examination of every facet of the unit. The inspection meticulously assessed each side, ensuring thorough scrutiny for any potential radiation presence. The findings were assuring: no alarming high readings were detected throughout the assessment. None of the recorded readings surpassed 51 Counts per Minute (CPM), firmly below any concerning thresholds. Notably, the background radiation ranged from 18 CPM to 25 CPM, signifying in our opinion, a clean bill of health for the equipment. This inspection validates the safety and integrity of Southern Equipment Corp's employee safety initiatives and affirming their commitment to maintaining a secure and radiation-free work environment.

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